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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Like Cheers, but for Nerds

One of our Facebook Fans, Kama V., who lives in the neighborhood, snapped this pic of Katie (that's me! left), and Anna (right), while stopping by the shop at the beginning of their Saturday morning bike ride.

Today, I stopped by the store with my husband, and Anna was there talking to a customer.  Anna said "Pomegranate is like the bar Cheers," but for nerds.

Yep. . . pretty much.

Pomegranate Books is a bookstore, but it is also a gathering place, a hangout for neighbors, a resource for avid readers, and one of the only independent bookstores serving a large portion of Southeast NC. Here are some reasons why I like to hang out at the shop, even though I don't have to be there as much as I am.

  • Free wi-fi  (When you work at home all the time, it is nice to get out of the house and work once in a while)
  • $1 cups of tea (and more flavors than PCJ!)
  • ARCS  (Advanced readers copies of books. Bring in a can of food for the SENC food bank and you get one for FREE!)
  • Nell (Nell is the main shop dog. She is so funny.  Mainly because she is so old.)
  • Interesting conversation (You literally NEVER know what you'll end up talking about at Pom Books. School gardens, local bars, cross-country train trips, drinking coke with salted peanuts, worm compost, chickens.)
  • The "gals" (Kathleen, the owner; Visha, Anna and Catherine, the store minders and my friends; and Lynetta, who has a steel trap mind full of history)
So, if you haven't been in for a while, or you've been driving past us every day and wondered what we're about, well, come on in and say hi.  We like to chat. We like to give recommendations, and we mostly just like books. 

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