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Monday, April 19, 2010

Bookstore Tour: Salt Lake City

I waste no time.  That was the caption to the picture of this sign that I tweeted approximately 1 hour after landing from a cross country flight to Salt Lake City.  Where to go when you have little time before you're so tired you can't stand up?  Why, a bookstore of course.

Willing Accomplice

My husband says I buy a lot of books. Well yes, I do.  But let me just point out that he was the DRIVER in this situation.  He could have gone straight to the hotel.  This incriminating picture:

Shows that Joe is less than upset at our haul.  Just sayin'.

Encyclopedic Collections

It is expensive to shelve one of everything an author has ever written.  RARELY do you ever see that in a brick-and-mortar bookstore.  That's one thing that sets The Kings English apart from other shops-both indies and big-box-books.  It is pretty neat to browse a writer's whole career.  You make connections that you might not otherwise.  For instance, I had no idea that Jim Harrison was author of Legends of the Fall.


As I mentioned before in my San Fran Area bookstore tour blog post, I enjoy seeing how different shops categorize.  The most interesting at TKE?  "Speculative Fiction."

Included Robert Jordan, Terry Pratchett, Neal Stephenson, etc.

A Place for Kids

They were having an author event in their "Kids' Wing," so I didn't get to browse very much over there.  But, I can definitely get behind this sentiment:

Displays and Various Stuff

Each bookstore also puts together unique displays--including books, antiques, random stuff, photos, posters and more.  Paris was on the mind of SLC locals, apparently.

I particularly enjoyed this collection of old apothecary bottles:

I won't tell you how many books I bought. Let's just say that I cropped this picture of the cashwrap to LEAVE OUT my book pile!

I've been enjoying my book tour, but I'm staying home for a while.  I've yet to report about my visit to Valley Books in Jackson, WY.  It's coming up!

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