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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Basking in the Glory of Fame

The great thing about indie bookstores is that you never know who you're going to run into. Someone running for office, a well-known local public radio host, a classmate from a community Spanish class four years ago-the list goes on. Wilmington is a pretty small town, for its 150,000 metro size. If you get out much, you're almost guaranteed to run into friends and neighbors a few times a week.

Over the past couple of weeks at Pomegranate, it's been "famous local author drop by week." (And these are just pics from when I happened to be at the shop, which is usually unplanned and highly sporadic.) Bask in the reflected fame of our local writers done good. SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION ALERT!!! ---> And REMEMBER, if you would like a copy of one of their books, we can most certainly get it for you :)

Wilmington-Area Authors Visit

Dana Sachs
Author of:  The Life We Were Given: Operation Babylift, International Adoption, and the Children of War in Vietnam

If you Lived Here  (a novel)

The House on Dream Street  (a memoir)

Those are her most recent books.  Dana stopped by to purchase and ship some gifts to friends, and pick up a special order.  She was also gracious enough to sign some more copies of her books for us.  Dana was featured on NPR a couple of weeks ago!  Great job, Dana!

David Hume
Author of (most recently): Beyond the Long Eared Mountains

David creates and illustrates all of his stories and novels based on his wide knowledge and experience with music, art, and world travels. He's also a painter, and stopped by to curate his collection of art currently on display at Pomegranate Books.

Michelle Boyajian

Author of:
Lies of the Heart

UNCW MFA graduate Michelle Boyajian was in on Friday for a reading from her newly published book. She's also featured in People Magazine this week! Congratulations, Michelle!

Juliana Morgan

Author of:
Buddy Gets a Second Chance
Zach's Tracks

Both great books for the 2nd-4th grade set.  Zach's Tracks is about the true-life adventures of Zach, one of the world's largest terriers!

Barbara Sullivan

Author of:
Garden Perennials for the Coastal South
Barbara participated in our recent GARDEN EXTRAVAGANZA DAY, answering questions about gardening, and signing her book.

Fredi Olster

Co-Author of:
The Discovering Shakespeare Series

I'd love to tell you more about Fredi, but I was bolting out the door after already being sucked into the Pomegranate vortex for longer than I had intended to.  Those of you who come here often know what I mean!  Fredi's books are great for school teachers and students, that much I picked up when I was hanging around the shop on Saturday!

Each of these writers were fantastically patient while I grabbed their books and posed them in a very cheesy and self-promotional stance.  They never would have done it on their own, I can assure you.  The only reason I don't have one of Michelle like that is that I was home slaving away on this blog while she was reading.  And, apparently, I missed a great event. It was fun to see and meet everyone this week.  Y'all come back, ya hear?

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