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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tweety Birds Come to Visit

Pomegranate Books hosted the February 2010 Wilmington Tweetup.  Thanks to Bruce Brown, Wilmington's own networker extraordinaire, we have lots of great pictures.  He did a nice writeup/recap on his blog: Being Bruce.  Check it out here.

His blog is also a great source of things to do and people to know in Wilmington.  A must-read for Wilmington newbies and long-time residents, alike.  He's always discovering something new in ILM!

Sarah Barbee, from Fussbudget Promotions, organized the tweetup, and you can see from the pictures that there was much mingling and browsing and book shopping.  As well as catching up on the local gossip, and strategizing about using twitter for business. 

Here are a few pics from the event, courtesy of Bruce's Blog.  To see the rest, read his blog.  And, don't miss the "Do it Downtown" blog after the Tweetup blog.  Fun times in the Port City!

We welcomed the tweeters with a special sign!

Anna, from Pomegranate, doing magic tricks (and you can just barely see Nell's nose in the bottom left)

Shannan (left) and Sarah (right) book browsing!

At the beginning of the tweetup.  Kathleen, Pomegranate's owner, in the center holding a folder, and other Pomegranate staff, welcome early tweeters in the front room near the cash wrap/ local Wilmington section.

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