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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Get your Garden On!

It will warm up in Wilmington.
At least,
that's what they say.

In the meantime. . .

We're re-stocking the GARDEN section!

To get everyone back in the mood, we're kicking off the


We have two fantastic, brand new, autographed books to give to TWO LUCKY READERS!  They are:

Proven Plants: Southern Gardens by Erica Glasener


This book is a gorgeous guide to selecting perfect plants for your southern garden.  If you garden here in Wilmington, and the surrounding area, you know that things just aren't the same as they were in your northern garden.  If you were born and raised here, then you might already know about all of the lovelies in this book.  Or, you might find some new favorites.  

If you don't win it, I can almost guarantee you're going to want to buy it.  The art direction is inventive, and elegant.  The whole book is full-color, and makes use of new photographs of the plants and historic illustrations.  It has a "modern yet classic" vibe.  The information is solid, and being a transplanted gardener with several seasons under my belt, I can say that I honestly wish that this comprehensive book was around when I first moved here five years ago. 

Grocery Gardening by Jean Ann Van Krevelen, Amanda Thomsen, Robin Ripley and Theresa O'Connor


Another brand-new, full color, gorgeous and practical gardening book that not only tells you how to grow your favorite culinary plants, but also how to cook with them.  I personally know the four ladies who wrote this book, and they are all fantastic gardeners and writers.  They're all on twitter, and they're a scream!  I think this will be one of my most-used books this summer once my veggie gardening kicks into high gear. 

How do I win?

Yeah, I know that's all you really want to know, now.  Here's what to do.  You have between today and Monday, March 15th to comment to this blog post with the reason why you think you need either the Proven Plants book or the Grocery Gardening book.

Submit a separate comment for each book.  Because, we'll pick two winners--one for each book from each group of entries.  In order for your entries to count, you MUST reference something about the book, and why you want need it. We'll draw the winners and let you know on the 15th!

Happy dreams of luscious gardens. . .


  1. I most certainly need the proven garden book. We just moved here and have an untouched back yard that goes for miles. It would be something really special and cool to do with my preschooler this year and make out new place pretty!

  2. We of course would also like to try for the grocery gardening book! We NEED it because we plan on making a big green patch of grocery garden and I intend to teach my little one how to grow veggies and the rest of it. A little homeschooling garden project. so the book would be helpful. and maybe it will include helpful hints on what grows good in this region since it is new to us! thanks

  3. I need the Grocery Gardening book because (i) I love to garden, (ii) love to cook, (iii) love to eat what I grow, and (iv) write a column on frugal living and it will help me to practice what I preach!

  4. I'll need Southern Gardens, because I am currently removing all the terrible Yucca plants that were used to landscape around my house when I bought it and I want to replace them with local, native species.

  5. I need Grocery Gardening because I'm a budding locovore and foodie. This book is the natural follow-up to the last four books I bought at Pomegranate: The Artful Eater, Eat Pray Love, The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook, and Animal Vegetable Miracle. I want to see what that little bare patch of a back yard can do -- once I finish getting the Yucca out.

  6. I need the Grocery Gardening book because we have a veggie garden and I don't know how to use it.

  7. I need the Southern Gardens book because the stick-like peach trees in the front yard are lonely.

  8. This is a great idea for a contest, but what I'd really like to know is - who are the gardening writers (from Grocery Gardening) on Twitter?! I'd love to be able to follow some gardeners who "are a scream."

  9. And even though I don't live in the South (anymore) I dream of it daily. One day I'll be back (from the cold tundra of Iowa) to the lush warm garden I once knew.

  10. Hi Phyllis! You can follow them here:


    Have fun!

  11. I NEED 'Grocery Gardening' by Jean Ann Van Krevelen, Amanda Thomsen, Robin Ripley and Theresa O'Connor.
    Reason? My husband doesn't like me growing anything he can't eat. Therefore, learning more about foods I can grow is necessary for the happiness of my marriage.
    Also, I'm cheap - if I can grow it rather than buy it, I'm all over it.
    So there.

  12. I also NEED 'Proven Plants: Southern Gardens' by Erica Glasener. I take care of several friends gardens, so am always need to learn more about plants that do well around here.

    Also - it'll stop me from pilfering Katie's garden books as much, so she REALLY wants me to win this book!

  13. I absolutely NEED Grocery Gardening. A new year's resolution of mine and my soon-to-be husband has been to go organic and shop for natural foods as much as possible. I intend to take it a step further and GROW as much as I can in our yet-untouched backyard. We could really use some guidance and, as lovers of the culinary world, would put the recipes to good use!

  14. I NEED Grocery Gardening because just looking at the cover is making me salivate & wistfully dream of fresh local produce. And I NEED to learn how to do it better, since 80% of last year's garden just didn't even show up for me.

  15. My husband needs Proven Plants: Southern Gardens! He is the gardener and lanscaper in the family and he's always looking for different annuals to try. PLUS, this year we want to do a special memorial rose garden to honor his mother and we're sure this book will have some best picks for us.

  16. What great reviews on Amazon of Grocery Gardening! I'm going to follow Jean Ann Van Krevelen (@JeanAnnVK) on Twitter. Last year was the first year hubby and I did a vegetable garden...and we had mixed results. We need the tips in this book to make sure we have a more useable vegetable garden this year!