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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Grace’s Turn

A special guest review by Josefina, age 10

Grace's Turn
By: Christy Carlson Romano

And now.  .  .  .
For the star of the show.  .  .  .  .
Grace di Govanni!  Grace is a sixteen year old girl with broad dreams or shall I say Broadway dreams.  She wants to be a star but she has lots of problems to deal with on the way to becoming a star.  Some of her problems are loads of homework, an over protective family, a super sensitive boyfriend and a girl who gets the lead part in the school play every time because her mom paid for the theater to be built.  

This year the school is performing Grace’s favorite play, Grease!  Grace desperately wants the lead girl part of Sandy.  There is a new hope a Broadway director is going to judge who gets what part and he is also going to direct the play.  But will Grace get the part? .  .  .  I hope.

This book is called Grace’s Turn, by Christy Carlson Romano, who played Bell in the Broadway play Beauty and the Beast.


  1. Thanks Josefina! Great review!

  2. Now I want to read this book to see if Grace gets the part.